Island Life – Summer 2017

We have had a busy time during this half term. Aside from learning about our new theme, the children have been busy working very hard to complete their SATs. They have all tried their best and showed a fantastic attitude and great concentration throughout. We are very proud of them all!

Our theme this term is looking at the United Kingdom, the geography of it, as well as its physical and human features. The children have so far enjoyed several outdoor activities, exploring plants around our school with our ‘scientist’ hats on. They have also enjoyed working with Y1 partners to explore the different human and physical features around our school (attached are photos of this session). The Year 2’s have also been on an exciting walk (in the pouring rain!!) around Bussage village to discover the different features we could see around there. Considering the amount of rain we experienced, the children were brilliant and kept up very high spirits throughout!!

We are looking forward to our visit to Copesgrove Farm just after the half term break and our Class Assembly, which will be later on in June.IMG_3636 IMG_3629 IMG_3625 IMG_3620 IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3616 IMG_3615 IMG_3614