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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson


Welcome to Bussage Parent Teachers Association

We’re a lively group of volunteers and our main function is to support the school by raising as much money as we can to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for the children.

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact.

We also exist to bring the communities of school and home closer together because it makes sense for parents and friends to be involved in the life of their chosen school.

Lastly, we’re here for the simple reason that we want to get together socially, meet new people and have fun – it isn’t all just about fundraising!

This is your PTA so please help us to make it a success!

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Your PTA Committee Members

The committee is made up of parents from the school who have a willingness to be involved and to support the school in order to provide more for our children.  

The officers of the committee are elected at the PTA AGM.

The committee make decisions on what to spend the money we have raised on at PTA meetings; this is with guidance from the school staff & can be a specific request from them. 

We meet at least once a term to discuss and arrange events which are then often divided into sub committees for specific events.

All meetings are open and any member can come along to find out what the PTA is planning, share ideas and get involved – we would love to see you!

We also have non-committee roles such as poster designers, people who help us apply for grants, etc. Lots of parents from across the school get involved in organising the different events as well. 


The PTA would like to support the school with £15,772 to provide funding for:

– Class support including the successful KS2 Music Lessons

– Enabling our children to have fantastic experiences through trips

– To pay for essential resources that if we do not step in the school will have to eat further into their already pressurised budget

– To build the Tranquillity Garden that is in a completely unusable condition.   

We are targeting to raise £13,500 by the Feb AGM to be in a fantastic position to support 2024.