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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

School Life


We believe we share the responsibility for your child’s education with you.   There are a variety of links that we try to foster at school:

There is a fortnightly newsletter sent to all families.

Each Friday at 9.00 a.m. we celebrate a “Work of the Week Assembly” to which parents are very welcome.   Here we celebrate some of the work achieved by children during the week.

Throughout the year a variety of events/performances/festivals are held to which parents are welcome to attend, e.g. Christmas Carol Services and Nativities, Easter and Harvest Services, musical performances, Community Carols.

We operate an “open door” policy in school – you are always welcome to come in and talk to us about your child or some aspect of his/her education. If this needs to be at length, an appointment might be deemed appropriate.

There is a service led by the Vicar of St. Michael’s Church every first Sunday of the month in the school hall.

We have a very active and supportive P.T.A. and each parent is automatically a member when their child joins us at school.

There are numerous events that take place through the year,the school is a valuable asset to the community.   (If you are interested in using the school premises for any event please contact school to discuss this).

Parents are very welcome to help in classes in a variety of ways including hearing children read, art/craft/cooking activities. Please speak to a teacher if you are interested.



We expect all children to understand the need for common-sense, simple rules for their safety and the well being of everyone in our school.  You will be asked to sign a home-school agreement when your child enters school.

These rules include:

  • a willingness to work and do their best,
  • a willingness to accept that everyone has a right to uninterrupted time and attention,
  • a reasonable standard of dress and behaviour,
  • consideration for others and their property,
  • a responsible attitude to books, equipment and the environment.

We hope that any problems that may occur can be sorted out with co-operation between parents, child and school.