Should your child be unwell please keep him/her at home and inform the school by telephone on the first day of absence, followed by a note when the child returns to school. If your child has a doctor’s or dental visit and has to be taken out of school, please inform the teacher. Children are not allowed to leave the school during the daytime on their own. You will be asked to sign a register if your child leaves during the day and to sign them back in on return. It is best that 48 hours should lapse after a child has been sick, before their return to school.

2010/2011 Authorised Absences 4.5

Unauthorised Absences 0.0


If an accident occurs at school or your child is taken ill, then you will be contacted as soon as possible. In cases which need immediate attention the Head will call for an ambulance to take the child to hospital. For this reason it is very important that the school has an up-to-date contact number so that parents can be easily reached.

The Policy on Supporting Children with Medical Needs specifies situations in which medication can be administered by school staff, who will consider carefully their response to requests to assist with the giving of medication. Inhalers are allowed, but please let the school know that your child needs an inhaler, and whether or not he/she is competent and confident using it. Scraped knees and elbows will be washed and left open, and this will be carried out by one of the 12 staff qualified in first aid. More serious cuts and injuries may necessitate contacting a parent, which is why it is important to ensure all contact details are current.


The school has an active Parent-Teacher Association. It organises fund raising events to support the school. During the past year we have had a Summer Fayre, Summer Disco, Christmas Fayre, Quiz night and Curry evening.

The A.G.M. is held early in the Autumn Term, all parents are automatically members and their views and ideas are welcome.


We have an attractive blue sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo which children are encouraged to wear. Uniform can be purchased from the Trutex school wear shop in Stroud. We feel it is important that children represent the school in a positive light by their manner of dress.

For Physical Education and Games children need a complete change of clothing and footwear. For indoor wear, children need shorts and T-shirt.

Outdoor sports may also require trainers or football boots, and a track suit as the field is quite exposed. Please ensure all kit and clothing is labelled clearly.


These are kept locked during the school day with access through the main front door. It is important for each child’s safety that visitors adhere to these rules.


No charge will be made except when children wish to take home something costly and with the agreement of parents. No charge will be made to parents in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit.


As well as raising money for Bussage School, we actively promote raising money for charities. In the past year we have donated considerable amounts to Children in Need, Jeans for Genes day, Harvest Festival appeal, The British Legion, The Philippino Trust, Heart Foundation, Red Nose Day, NSPCC, and Help for Heroes.

We are very pleased to be sponsoring a Philippino girl, enabling her to go to school and not live on the rubbish dumps. Each class therefore, is committed to raising at least £15 for one month’s education. This is a new venture for us and is going very well with our pupils being very enthusiastic and supportive.


Our school governors play a very active role in the school life not only through half termly meetings but in the pastoral role of involvement in the classrooms and support at a variety of school functions. For more information on our Governing Body please click here.


The School's Health and Safety Policy is available on the website. The School Staff and Governors clearly understand and comply with their obligations. External expertise is obtained as required, and policy compliance is subject to external audit.

Should you have any concerns relating to Health and Safety, please notify your child's teacher or the School Business Manager, who will ensure the issue is investigated by the appropriate people and action taken if required.


We advocate healthy eating in School and are very pleased to have received the certificate for the National Healthy Schools Programme from Gloucestershire County Council.


No jewellery is allowed to be worn other than very small stud or sleeper earrings. For Health and Safety reasons these must be removed for Physical Education.


It is important that we know who will meet your child at the end of the day. If it is not you and there are changes, you must inform the class teacher or school office. We cannot take messages from other parents or friends.


We have road safety training for all children. In Y5 we run a Bikeability Level 1 and 2 course which enables children to be competent on a bicycle on the highway.


The School has a sex & relationships education policy and the school provides sex education for the older children. Topics such as relationships, healthy eating, personal hygiene and puberty are covered. A video is watched by Y6 pupils on sex and relationships. Parents are welcome to view this at the end of a school day before the lesson for pupils.


A hot cooked meal is available daily provided by Edwards & Ward. Children are offered a varying menu, which is appetising and nutritious. Meals can be pre-ordered on a weekly basis. Payments can be made via the online system called ParentPay (www.parentpay.co.uk) Please contact the school office for more details.


We try and organise a variety of visits to align with the topics covered in each class. We do ask for voluntary contributions to cover the cost of these visits to be sure they can go ahead. If a visit takes place outside school hours then full costs will be charged, or for the board and lodging cost of any residential activity.


Bussage Primary School is in the Stroud Area and pupils transfer to a variety of schools. These include:

Thomas Keble School, Deer Park School, Stroud High School, Marling School Archway School, Sir Thomas Rich's School and Pates Grammar School.

Entry to the selective Grammar School is by their own entrance examination that is administered entirely by the schools involved. If you are seeking a grammar school place for your child you should contact the school direct. All Y6 children will be given information regarding the availability of secondary school places at the start of their final year in school.

We maintain good links with the local secondary schools, especially Thomas Keble, who we are involved with for sport, foreign languages, drama and DT during the year.