What a Wonderful World – Summer Term 2022

We are very excited in KS1 to be doing a brand new theme this term, called ‘What a Wonderful World’!

There will be lots of Geography learning this term where we will be learning all about continents, oceans, hot and cold places in the world, as well as comparing our local area to another location in the world. We are looking forward to doing some field work around our local area later in the term where we will be identifying physical and human features.

We will also be studying all about animals in our Science learning – finding out about the different animal groups, their habitats, as well as life cycles and food chains!

Our Art is based around ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours and we will be creating different pieces of Art, some in the style of well-known artists.

We will keep you updated on some of the extra exciting events and activities that will be happening in Year 2 as the term goes on so watch this space!!