Fire! Fire! – Spring Term 2022

Our theme this term is called ‘Fire! Fire!’ and is mainly History and Science based with a focus on learning all about the Great Fire of London and exploring Materials and their properties.

Our theme started with an exciting workshop about the Great Fire of London where the children got to participate in lots of fun activities and drama exploring different aspects of this significant event. It’s fair to say that all the pupils enjoyed this experience a great deal!

We have been finding out all about London in the past and present, making comparisons and exploring the events of the fire, as well as finding out about some significant people at the time of the fire, such as Samuel Pepys and King Charles II.

In Science, we have been investigating materials, including distinguishing between materials and objects and testing properties of materials. We even investigated which material would be best for ted’s umbrella!

Our English this term has been based around a fantastic text called ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’, which follows the experience of Vlad the flea through the events of the Great Fire. We have written fact files about Samuel Pepys and recounts telling the events of the fire from the point of view of someone who was alive at the time. We are looking forward to making our own information booklets about the fire too.

Check out our pictures of some of the fantastic work the children have been doing!