On The Move – Autumn 2020

We have had a fantastic start to Year Two, despite all the changes and differences from the norm! The children have settled in brilliantly and have impressed us all with their ability to adapt and their resilience!

Our theme this term is ‘On The Move’ and involves lots of Science (learning about movement and forces) and History (learning about transport in the past and present). We will also be improving our drawing and painting skills through Art and will be making model vehicles towards the end of the term in DT.

So far, we have been concentrating on our Science learning and have been thinking about ‘pushes’ and ‘pulls’. We began by exploring lots of different equipment and thinking about how we make things move and also move ourselves! We introduced the language of ‘forces’, thinking particularly about pushing and pulling.

We then had a very exciting ‘Wheelie Day’, where the children brought in their bikes or scooters and rode them around the playground whilst thinking about how they were making them move. Everyone had great fun investigating this!

We have been carrying out investigations into how far a car can travel along different surfaces and we will be investigating the different ways to move and change the shape of playdough and which forces are used to do this.

Please see our photos below for a sneaky peek into our adventures so far. We’re looking forward to a great rest of the term!