Autumn Term 2015

IMG_1928IMG_1927IMG_1910IMG_1909IMG_1865IMG_1864IMG_1862IMG_1861IMG_1860IMG_1859IMG_1857IMG_1853IMG_1852We had a busy and productive Autumn term in Class Two!

Our theme was ‘All About Me’ and the children enjoyed lots of activities and experiences in relation to this.

One exciting activity was our ‘Explorer Dome’ workshop where the children went inside a huge, inflatable dome to learn all about keeping healthy. The children also made fruit cocktails, which were very yummy and enjoyed by both adults and children alike!!

Just before the October half term, we had a special World Awareness Week, where the children explored cultures from different countries. In Class Two, the theme was France and the children made information booklets, did some counting and even made crepes!

We have included some photographs of some of our experiences for you to enjoy.

We are looking forward to sharing our Spring Term experiences with you very soon!