Tom Percival the author and illustrator of ‘Jack’s Amazing Shadow’ visits Rainbow class

We have been learning about shadows: How are they made? When can we see them? Do all shadows move?

As part of our learning we read the fabulous story ‘Jack’s Amazing Shadow’ by Tom Percival and we were lucky enough to have him come and visit our class to tell us about his book!

Tom told us all about how he starts to write his books.




He shared some of the other stories he has written and even left us a copy of his book – ‘By the Light of the Moon’






The children were all really engaged and excited to be told the story by the man who had written the book.







We then helped Tom to create a new story using props from the ‘magic box’!









Finally Tom showed us how to create a characters. This inspired us to draw and write. We spent the rest of the morning drawing and writing on big sheets of paper on the floor – talking about our characters and what they were doing!