Ready, steady, GO!

The Rainbows worked hard to create some super vehicle models.

“I made a fire engine and I painted it red” – Rory

“I painted my hot air balloon rainbow colours” – Noah

“I builded my combine harvester” – Thea

“On my combine harvester it has scrunched up tissue paper for the corn” – Josie

“I made mine out of a weekend cereal box” – Charlie

“Mine is a bit floppy because the super sticky glue didn’t work very well!” – Seth

“Mine is a police car and it could open up to see the police man inside” – James

“I used mine out of boxes, then I painted some paper green, then stuck it on” – Isabella

“I made a big train, I used boxes. My mummy helped me” – Harry.M

“I made a tractor with glitter on” – Meredith

“My tractor has me driving it and I painted it red and green” – Ellie-Mae

“I used little milk bottles to make a combine harvester” – Summer

“I made a steam train. I used cardboard boxes with glue” – Toby

“I builded a combine harvester from apple juice boxes” – Tommy

The Rainbows then were inspired to continue their building and creating at the Creation Station in the classroom.