Mosque and Church Visit – June 2023

We had a fabulous day visiting first the Masjid-E-Noor (Mosque) in Gloucester, then onto St Michael’s Church in the afternoon.

It was very interesting to see two contrasting places of worship from the religions of Islam and Christianity so the children could compare them both in terms of their features and how they are used in worship.

The children really enjoyed looking around the Mosque and especially liked seeing the prayer hall, getting to dress up in some traditional Muslim clothing and experiencing the washing ritual in the Mosque’s washroom!

At the church, the children were able to spot lots of features they had learnt about in school. They really enjoyed spotting particular items as well as drawing some of the features. The children were especially interested to see how the font was used and find out more about the robes that the vicar wears on different occasions.

The children were fantastic to take out of school as always and everyone came away with lots of new facts and understanding about the two religions we are studying. Check out our photos for a taste of the day.