Fire! Fire! – Spring Term 2020

Well we are all extremely excited in Class Two about our new theme ‘Fire! Fire!’. The children have already shown lots of enthusiasm in learning about the Great Fire of London and have even been bringing in lots of fact files and pictures from home all about the fire which has been wonderful to see!

As well as the Great Fire of London, with our Scientist hats on, we will also be learning all about Materials and their properties and uses. There will be lots of practical investigations and experiments to be involved in and we are sure the children will have a great deal of fun whilst learning all about this.

To kick start our theme with a great experience, the children took part in a Great Fire of London workshop, where they took on roles of different people from the time of the fire, had opportunities to share the facts they already knew and even took part in a fantastic and effective fire dance! Please see the attached photos for a little insight into what the children got up to!

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