Summer Term 2021 – Invasion

Welcome back to a new fun and learning-filled term! It’s so nice to have us all back in together after a long period of time doing home learning all about out spring term theme – Stone Age Rocks!

Now that lockdown has finally ended and we are back into the swing of things,  we are raring to go! Our new theme is…



On Wednesday morning, a very interesting character – Professor McGinty – arrived at Bussage to regale the class with tales of his time travelling adventures. The children had the BEST time listening to how he had found himself back in Viking times and how he had met Erik the Brave. The class has aching tummies from all the fun and laughter, but at the same time learnt so many interesting Viking facts. Can you see the enjoyment on the children’s faces?

Viking Day at Copsegrove Farm – May 2021.

We beat the challenging weather to have a glorious Viking themed day in the heart of Copsegrove Farm. Nestled in the heart of the woods, we gathered around the campfire to begin our day. We learnt about trade in Viking Britain, the Viking aphabet that used symbols called Runes, we learnt to cook stick bread after whittling our very own green wood sticks to bake our bread on and we also forged around the woods to find building materials to build our own Viking longships or long houses out of. 

What a magical day we had! Have a look at our gallery of photos.