Copsegrove Farm

Last week Class three had an amazing trip to Copsegrove farm!

After a short walk from the Bear Inn we arrived at Copsegrove Farm ready for a fun filled outdoor learning day. The children were sorted into six teams that they would work in for the day, and with the flag bearers at the front leading the charge, class three ventured to the woods. 

The first challenge was to sit around a warm camp fire and toast marshmallows, Class three enjoyed this task as the evidence was mushed all around their faces! 

After this the pupils were given the first activity. The activity was to, in groups, hunt around the woods to find information about about four European countries. the children showed great teamworking and communication skills to complete the task effectively. 

We then had a group lunch sat around the campfire. 

The afternoon consisted of three activities, Copsegrove Italian calzones on the fire (this was class three and Mr Hilliker’s favourite). Europe of the forest floor, were the pupils created a map of Europe using whatever they could find around them. 

The other activity that the pupils were challenged to complete was to create famous landmarks from around Europe out of clay and what they could find in the woods around them.

After a fun day full of outdoor learning it was time to tidy up the woods and walk back to the Bear Inn for the pupils to be collected!