To the shelter…QUICK!

Class 6 spent time identifying strong structures around our school locality. They worked in teams to investigate structures further by completing the following task: Create the strongest structure possible using a maximum of 30 midget gem sweets and 50 cocktail sticks – it had to have two storeys.

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By doing this they learnt that the strongest structures had triangular shapes or cross beams added. (See the photos of some of our creations!) The teams then moved on to create their own miniature air raid shelters. The brief was to make them as strong as possible: the team whose shelter was able to withstand being bombed by the greatest weight would be victorious!

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The teams enjoyed making use of hacksaws and glue guns during the construction phase…

i pad december 2015 023 i pad december 2015 020 i pad december 2015 019 i pad december 2015 017

but even more, they enjoyed bombing their shelters at the end!

i pad december 2015 044 i pad december 2015 027 i pad december 2015 031 i pad december 2015 032