Summer Term 2016: I’ve got you under my skin!

I've got you under my skin front picture

Welcome to this term’s blog! ‘I’ve got you under my skin!’ is a scientific theme in which Class 6 will be learning all about the human body!

During the Summer Term, the class will be experiencing many opportunities; from dissection of chicken wings and hearts (to investigate muscle movement as well as the circulatory system), to an exciting visit to @ Bristol – where the children will learn about the main functions of the body. Look out on our blog for pictures from our up-coming visit.

Throughout this term, the children will be receiving video messages and letters from a eccentric professor, asking for help in his quest to create his very own ‘Olympic Champion’.

Noah Deyor

In Professor Noah Deyor’s first challenge to the children, he requested that they find out about the human skeleton and about the way facial features are represented on a human face. In response, class 6 have been busy researching and creating a life-size 2D skeleton (using one of their team as a stencil).


DSC_0238 DSC_0241









Look out for the finished skeletons…coming soon!




The children are also looking closely at facial features, sketching them in detail. The children are going to be studying  portraiture work by Picasso for inspiration in their own art work.

blue lady