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This spring term, the theme of learning, ‘HAKUNA MATATA’, has found us delving into the depths of Africa, finding out about the human and physical geographical features of places such as Kenya. After honing their mapping skills, Class 6 produced superb overlay maps, with each layer detailing a different aspect of Africa, from mountains, lakes and rivers, to climatic regions.


The new theme began with a superb day of African drumming provided by Mr Jones (our peripatetic drum teacher). The children very much enjoyed playing the djembe drums, working co-operatively to play rhythms in unison.


From this exciting start the children began to research and design their own African masks, using traditional patterns and designs to inspire their own creations.

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In addition, a range of authentic African artefacts were studied carefully, with the children using their investigational skills to suggest what uses the artefacts may have, what they were made of and who might use them. They observed the items with care and then used a range of graded pencils to sketch them, adding mark making for finer detail as well as thinking about shading and tone.


Moving forward in the term, the children learned about the hardships endured by Nelson Mandela in his life-long struggle against apartheid; they wrote biographies about his life, detailing the main events.


It’s been an incredibly busy term filled with learning, however is has been lots of fun too!

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We are all looking forward to our end of theme celebration which sees us visiting London to watch ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre. – we can’t wait!