During our time at The Living Rainforest, we were lucky enough to see freshly hatched Blue Morpho butterflies; they were stunning, we enjoyed looking at the iridescent colours on their delicate wings as they flew gracefully past us.

dsc_0625 dsc_0627 dsc_0621





The visit gave us inspiration dsc_0623when we were designing our own felt butterflies, we stitched carefully to fasten items such as sequins and buttons for decorative purposes. (Can you see the concentration on our faces!)








dsc_0381 dsc_0534 dsc_0537 dsc_0538 dsc_0539












Following that, we chose either running stitch or blanket stitch (which was a greater challenge), to stitch the butterfly pieces together.


dsc_0614 dsc_0616 dsc_0618 dsc_0624 dsc_0633 dsc_0635 dsc_0637



















Don’t they look beautiful!