Autumn Term2017 – Evacuate! Evacuate!

‘Evacuate! Evacuate!’ Class 6 certainly did just that at the start of their new theme of learning for the term, heading off to Bewdley for a blitz and evacuation experience. Arriving excitedly at our location for the start of the day (Bewdley Museum), the children clambered down from the coach dressed in their 1940’s attire (teachers too) entering a world from the past! Amanda and Christine, the historical presenters, informed the class about life during World War 2 and the many ways families had to adapt to stay safe. Learning how to put on a gas mask, in addition to what to do when the air raid siren was sounded, the children had an authentic and most enjoyable time whilst learning so much! They loved squeezing into the Anderson shelter imagining they were part of a real air raid! The best was yet to come…the actual evacuation!

Marching in pairs through the town towards the train station, the children eagerly awaited the distinguished blast of the train’s whistle and the puff of steam as the train slowly chugged into the station; the experience being made even better by the happy accident of bumping into some adults – who were real life evacuees during the war – on the station’s platform, also awaiting a journey on the steam train. They shared their real life experiences. Singing ‘We’re going to the country!’ as the train pulled away, the children were able to imagine what it would have been like for evacuees in the 1940s, empathising with their worries and excitement too. A wonderful day was had by all, with a wealth of knowledge gained from the day’s activities, the children were set up for the rest of the term’s learning; enthused and ready to learn more!