Summer 2024- What a Wonderful World

Our theme in class one this term is ‘What a Wonderful World’ where the children have been learning all about the world we live in.  As scientists, the children have been learning about how we classify animals and the habitats they live in. In Geography, the children have enjoyed learning about continents and oceans. We have been exploring each of the continents, deciding whether they are hot or cold and what animals we may find living there.

As part of our theme, we had wonderful day at Cotswold Wildlife Park in the glorious sunshine! It was a super day where the children learnt many interesting facts about the animals we have been finding out about in school. We had a fantastic talk all about life cycles and the keeper was very impressed with all of the facts the children had retained from their learning. We found out about the giant tortoises, artic owls and wallabies. The children asked some well thought out questions, learning even more facts!

We started the day exploring the areas with the larger animals and were fortunate to see the lions, giraffes, camels, zebras, rhinoceroses, a red panda and the giant tortoises before visiting the reptile house. In the afternoon we visited the walled garden, where we saw penguins, meerkats, priory dogs and otters.

We all had a fantastic day and were very proud of the children. They were extremely enthusiastic and very well behaved.