Spring 2017 – Once Upon a Time

The children in Class One were very excited when they saw the doorway to the classroom had be changed into the castle doors, complete with a portcullis! They have spent time working with their talk partners, thinking about what they know about castles and what they would like to find out.

We all had great fun when we took part in the ‘Castles’ workshop. The children marched into the hall and found out about how castles were built, where they were built and who lived in them. All the children took an active part in the workshop and found out lots of answers to their questions, as well as learning new information. We are all looking forward to using a range of history skills to find out more about the past.

The children have also been thinking about ‘Fairy Tales’ as part of their work in English. Many of these tales start with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and lots of these stories are set in castles.