Welcome to the Class 4 blog!

Welcome to the class 4 blog on our new website!

The pictures above show some of the previous work classes three and four have completed since September. We started the year with our “80 days around the world,” theme. This was enjoyed by all the children as they enjoyed working together with class three to gain a varied range of experiences throughout the term. One of the more popular activities was the European food tasting day, where the children got to sample food from a number of different countries. These included: Sauerkraut and sausage from Germany; paella and chorizo from Spain; croissants and brie from France; and olives and breads from Greece. The day was enjoyed by all and was mentioned as a highlight of the theme by many children

The children of Class 3 and 4 are currently enjoying  our latest theme: “What lies beneath?” We have looked at our Stone age ancestors and how they lived and survived, and we ended the term looking at volcanoes, trying to get our heads around some of natures most spectacular and powerful events. There are pictures here of children making spears and axes, cooking marshmallows (there were no handy Mammoths) over an open fire; and creating their own examples the hand prints found in cave paintings. These activities formed part of our Stone age day at the start of term, another experience that the children thoroughly enjoyed and helped to provide the inspiration for a lot of follow up work.

After half term we will be moving onto looking at the rocks and soils that make our country what it is today, before moving onto the final area of the theme, Dinosaurs! After visiting the natural history museum at the start of February, we are confident that we are going to end what has been a popular theme, on a high note.