Class 4 are out of this world!

Welcome to Year 4! This term we are looking at all things space related. Our classroom is looking really bright and colourful, with children racing around the ceiling in there own little rockets! We have made model planets and ordered them correctly in a display. We are corresponding with Bob, the man on the moon, and he has inspired us to create our own aliens in class – soon we hope to create alien masks! Further into the term, we will look at our place in the universe and think about how big we really are. We will answer questions such as:7

What makes day and night?

Why does the moon appear to change shape?

If the sun were 1m in diameter and in the centre of Bussage school hall, how big  and how far away would the Earth be? 

We are looking forward to answering these and other questions as we continue to earn about the Earth and beyond!