Autumn 2016 – Around the world in 80 days!

Class 4 have started this year with the Geography based theme ‘Around the world in 80 days.’ During this theme the children will learn about various parts of the world. Starting with Bussage and the local area, we will look at the changes that have happened throughout the course of the life of the school so far. How have the grounds changed? What new parts of the school have been added? How has the use of the buildings changed? We will then move on to look at locating and describing some of the countries of Europe, focusing on their physical and human features. Our theme will then move us around the Arctic and Antarctic regions, where we will look at how both people and animals have adapted to life in extreme conditions. Australia, where we look forward to learning about the traditional ‘dreamtime’ stories of creation, linking art work to the theme.

We hope that as part of the theme to enjoy a visit from a Polar exploration group, who will bring expertise and first hand experience of the world’s most extreme conditions to Bussage to share with the children.

This promises to be an exciting theme and the children – and teacher’s – are looking forward to it.