80 days around the world starts in Bussage.

Welcome to the start of the new year and I hope everyone has enjoyed the start to the new term and theme. We have begun our 80 days around the world by looking at our own locality and the changes which have happened around the school since it opened in 1982. The children (and staff) were amazed at how different the area looked when newly built. Searching through the old photos stored at school has also uncovered some pictures of very young staff members and a few parents!

On Tuesday 11th September, Year 3 and 4 went for a walk around the local area in order to produce some art work back in school. We walked down to Toadsmoor Lake and spent time there sketching and collecting materials to be used in class. The walk continued along the lake and we meandered our way up the hill and back to school in time for lunch, luckily avoiding most of the rain!