VE Day Celebrations and Lovely hard work

Class 5 have been really busy once more over the last few days. I have had some lovely emails with pictures of all the learning and activities that have been going on. 


Seb has been busy completing science experiments, research about Nelson Mandela, making an African mask, playing geography games and converting his driveway into a tennis court. 

image1 (3) image0 (4) image2 (2) image3 (1) image4 image5 seb mask Capture















Noah has been finding out facts about African animals and countries, the human eye, has written a fantasic advert for Dr Spooner’s tonic for life and been helping out his younger brother and sister with their work too!

IMG_20200508_115013_resized_20200508_022227008 IMG_20200508_105959_resized_20200508_022226409 IMG_20200507_222345_resized_20200508_022228010 IMG_20200507_222218_resized_20200508_022227317 IMG_20200507_222212_resized_20200508_022226711 IMG_20200501_161505_2_resized_20200508_022227678











Maisie celebrated VE Day with a  tea party in the front garden. She made bunting and painted the fence in rainbow colours.  She has also created a lovely front cover for her theme book. 

IMG_20200423_180905_resized 20200511_140828 20200511_140806 20200511_140743 20200507_191335_resized











Jacob used his imagination to create an alternative Monopoly game about footballing icons. It looks like great fun!

IMG_2245 IMG_2262







Anya has been keeping fit in her front room, she has cooked an African vegetable tagine and has been doing some African drumming and dancing.

IMG_20200506_091419 IMG_20200504_122220









George has created a wonderful African mask and found out some great facts about African masks too. Well done George.