Copesgrove Farm 2022

Last week year five had the most exciting visit to Copesgrove Farm!

After the long walk through Eastcombe village and the woods, we arrived at Copegrove farm.

Our first two activities of the day were blackberry foraging and den building.

Blackberry foraging was fantastic! The children explored the woods finding blackberries to cook on the fire in the afternoon. During den building, the children were in groups and had to show teamwork and use their communication skills to make a shelter that would protect them from the elements.
We then had a group lunch and sat around the campfire.

The afternoon consists of water collection and cooking with the blackberries we foraged earlier. During the water collection activity, the children needed to come up with innovative ways to collect water. We all decided the quickest way to collect water would be to use a tarpaulin, bucket, and guttering to collect the most water. Whilst we were collecting the water the other group was cooking. First, they had to whittle sticks to be able to wrap the dough around and cook it. Once cooked, they dipped the dough in the freshly made blackberry compote.

After a day packed full of fun, it was time for the long walk back to school!