Busy, Busy, Busy

Class 5 have been really busy this term.

Here are just some of the things we have been up to. We had a visit from  Mr Thiongo, a Kenyan Headteacher who told us about Kenya and gave us some artefacts to share.


We have enjoyed reading with our Year 1 partners. We really look forward to Friday afternoons when we can share stories with the Year 1’s.

IMG_0451 IMG_0454

We have been using our Logic and Reasoning skills in Numeracy. “Thinking outside the box” is great fun!

IMG_0506 IMG_0456 IMG_0458

We really enjoyed learning about New Zealand in World Awareness Week.  We has a go at  The Haka and tasted pavlova, kiwi fruit and hokey pokey for our food tasting! We also found out what to do in the event of an Earthquake and practised our Earthquake drill.


Not to mention some of fantastic homework for our WW2 theme. Mrs Baldwin has been very impressed with some of the work produced. Keep it up!

IMG_0522 IMG_0640 IMG_0642