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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

Katerini, Greece September 2017



We also visited Mount Olympus, a national park, to see the local environment and to understand more about the physical geography around that area.

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Later in the week we visited some other well known areas in the locality: Phillip 2nd of Macedon’s tomb in Vergina (Father of Alexander the Great); Thessaloniki (Main town in the region); and Paleos Panteleimon – a beautiful village high up which is only accessible on foot. 

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A lot of planning was done during the week to organise the rest of the tasks that children in each school need to complete, and to plan the upcoming visit to the UK by all the partners in November.

IMG_2164 IMG_2160Before we knew it, it was time to celebrate a successful week and say goodbye. We have a lovely evening of traditional Greek music and food.

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