Survival in the Jungle (Well….Copsegrove Farm!)

Class 6 spent a fantastic day at Copsegrove Farm learning how to survive in the wilds. They were able to identify the 4 key areas to survival: water, food, shelter and fire. During the course of the day, class 6 had to work in groups to collect water by making solar stills and using tarpaulines to collect rainwater. They foraged for blackberries in the hedgerows to make jam. They later whittled sticks and wrapped scone dough around them to bake over the fire. They smothered the scone twists in the blackberry jam-delicious! 

The children had to make shelters using the natural resources around them including the canopy of the trees, logs, branches and leaves. They created some very comfortable dens. 

The children had a brilliant day and didn’t even mind the long walk up the hill back to school.