GWSR Trip. The life of an evacuee.

Today Year 5 took a trip to the GWSR railway where they had the chance to experience what life was like for an evacuee during the war. 

They entered a classroom and listened to a talk from a teacher about all the important information they should know as an evacuee. They discussed blackout blinds, different toys, gas masks, rationing, the warden and Anderson Shelters. After this, they had some time to interact with the games, clothes, recipe books and other household items. 

Just as we left the building the air raid siren began. We all safely entered the air raid shelter and waited for all the planes, which we could hear, to pass over. 

Once it was safe to leave the air raid shelter, we entered a carriage where we watched two different experiences from those who were evacuated as a child. 

This was all before lunchtime! We now got to experience riding on a steam train where the children had been given information on how to spot a spy. Bussage could not believe it when a spy had been spotted, they dropped an interesting message which was quickly scooped up by the group and given to an adult. Our task was to make sure that he was secured by the guards. His attempt to escape at Cheltenham station was quickly prevented by the fast work of both Mrs Hawksbee and Mrs Weaver.

To finish off our exciting trip, the class learnt about fire fighting during the war and the pumps that were used to stop the fires. They had to pump the water from the buckets so that they could spray the water out of the hose and fill up the bucket. 

What a day we had!