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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

Autumn Term 2023 – All About Me

The theme this term is ‘All About Me’ and the children have enjoyed sharing what they know as well as thinking about what they would like to find out. Class One and Class Two had great fun learning a skeleton dance and joined in well with the actions. We are busy finding out about the different parts of the body in Science as well as learning how to make different marks in Art.

Mosque and Church Visit – June 2023

We had a fabulous day visiting first the Masjid-E-Noor (Mosque) in Gloucester, then onto St Michael’s Church in the afternoon.

It was very interesting to see two contrasting places of worship from the religions of Islam and Christianity so the children could compare them both in terms of their features and how they are used in worship.

The children really enjoyed looking around the Mosque and especially liked seeing the prayer hall, getting to dress up in some traditional Muslim clothing and experiencing the washing ritual in the Mosque’s washroom!

At the church, the children were able to spot lots of features they had learnt about in school. They really enjoyed spotting particular items as well as drawing some of the features. The children were especially interested to see how the font was used and find out more about the robes that the vicar wears on different occasions.

The children were fantastic to take out of school as always and everyone came away with lots of new facts and understanding about the two religions we are studying. Check out our photos for a taste of the day.

Copsegrove Farm – Summer 2023

We have had an amazing trip to Copsegrove Farm this week! All the children were fantastic and were full of enthusiasm during the whole day. They really relished spending time outdoors in the woods. The children participated in a number of activities during the day, such as life cycles of trees, identfying parts of a plant and looking at physical and human features. They also loved making chocolate and marshmellow wraps, woodland crowns and building dens. It was a wonderful day and a fantastic way to celebrate our learning. Check out our photos for a look at our day!

The King’s Coronation May 2023

The children at Bussage Primary have been celebrating the King’s coronation today, our school organized a day full of special activities to mark the historic event. As part of the festivities, children in Year 2 were given an exciting art project to work on. Inspired by the iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the children were asked to create their own unique crowns using Kusama’s signature style of colorful dots and bold patterns. The young artists worked diligently to bring their creative vision to life, resulting in an impressive display of vibrant and eye-catching crowns. The class proudly wore their handmade headpieces home today and have said they look forward to wearing them at home during the coronation ceremony.

Summer 2023 – Island Life

Class Two have been very busy learning about the United Kingdom. They have used globes and atlases to find out about the different countries and capital cities. In Science, the children have been exploring the school grounds to identify and name common wild and garden plants. They were great detectives and found lots of different plants. We are looking forward to finding out more about what plants need to grow and will be growing our own vegetables and flowers.

Once Upon a Time – Spring Term 2023

We have had a fantastic term so far with our theme ‘Once Upon a Time’. A large part of the children’s learning has been History-based with a focus on finding out about Castles in the past.

We have learnt all about how William the Conqueror brought the first castles to England after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We have found out that the first castles were called Motte and Bailey castles but eventually it was realised that stone castles would be stronger and more protective so that material was then used.

We have been honing our research skills to find out about this information and the children have completed some excellent work.

We have also been exploring Coats of Arms and, for our Art this term, the children have designed and then sponge printed a shield with their own coat of arms on. Check out our pictures for a few examples of these.

We are very much looking forward to our trip to Sudeley Castle where the children should be able to see lots of their learning in real life!

On The Move – Autumn 2022 – UPDATE!

We have now been in school for the first few weeks and have already taken part in some exciting activities as part of our Science learning!

The children have been investigating how things move, especially in terms of ‘pushes’ and ‘pulls’. They began by using different PE equipment to investigate what actions they needed to take to make the balls, hoops and so on move from one place to another.

The children then took part in a Wheelie afternoon, where they brought their bikes or scooters into school and were able to ride these around the playground and roundabout to discover whether they needed to push or pull different elements to make the vehicle move. It was a very exciting and fun afternoon with lots of great Science talk!

Below are some pictures of our first investigative lessons.

On The Move – Autumn 2022

Welcome back to a new school year and an exciting term ahead! This term, our theme is called ‘On The Move’ and there will be lots of Science, History and Art learning. In Science, the children will be learning all about different ways of moving both themselves and objects and how different materials and forces can affect this.

They will also be learning about different types of transport in the past and present and comparing these during their History lessons, as well as learning about some significant people from the past who impacted the development of transport. In Art, they will be learning how to draw different dots and lines and experimenting with primary and secondary colours.

We are looking forward to lots of fun and gaining lots of new knowledge! We will keep you posted with photos and updates as the term goes on.

Class Two Trips!

Well, it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks in Year Two as we have been on three separate trips out of school!!

Cotswold Wildlife Park

The first trip was with the Year Ones where we went to visit Cotswold Wildlife Park as part of our Science learning this term. The children were very excited to have a special day out and for some of them, of course, it was their first time going on a coach with school due to the pandemic.

Whilst we were at the Wildlife Park, the children got to see lots of different animals, finding out some interesting facts about them and we discussed which animal groups they were from and what their diets were. The children were fantastic at remembering the names of different groups, such as ‘mammals’ and ‘reptiles’ and could even remember the terms ‘carnivore’, ‘herbivore’ and ‘omnivore’ when thinking about their diets.

During the day, we had a talk about ‘life cycles’ which was very interesting and the children learnt lots of new facts. They all definitely enjoyed the experience and were all so enthusiastic throughout – a great day had by all! Check out our photos of some of the day below:


The day after our trip to the Wildlife Park, the Year Two’s were off again – this time to an inter-school Dodgeball Tournament! It was a fantastic morning, organised and run by Atlas Sports, involving quite a number of local schools. The children had a brilliant time, all participating with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship throughout. Despite it being very warm(!), the children carried on and all tried their best, with both groups winning many of their games. We were all very proud of the class and their attitude and achievement in this great sporting event. Here’s a few pictures from the morning:

Mosque and Cathedral Trip

Our final trip was to Masjid-E-Noor (a Mosque in Gloucester) and Gloucester Cathedral as part of our RE learning. We have been learning about special places and the holy buildings associated with both Christianity and Islam, so we were so pleased to be able to visit these amazing places in reality!

The children had a fantastic time and behaved brilliantly throughout. They were very interested to see all the features both outside and inside the Mosque and enjoyed listening to the very interesting talks given by the Imam. They were able to remember lots of their learning from school to share with the Imam and found out lots of new information too. Some particular highlights for the children were definitely getting to dress in some of the clothes that Muslims can choose to wear, and having a go at the washing routine in the ‘washroom’ that Muslims always do before they pray. The children (and adults) also very much enjoyed watching and listening to the Imam demonstrating the ‘call to prayer’ and some of the prayers used in their worship, which were all sung and sounded beautiful!

At Gloucester Cathedral, after enjoying their lunch, the children then had an opportunity to look around at many of the amazing features inside the building. They learnt lots of new facts, as well as recognising some of the features from their learning in school. They found out some of the history of the Cathedral, learnt that a Cathedral has to have a ‘Cathedra’ (a special chair where the Bishop sits) and enjoyed looking at and discussing the stories and images represented in the beautiful stained glass windows. They were able to take part in a mini baptism ceremony and looked at various different artefacts and found out about their meanings. During their time at the Cathedral, the children also had the opportunity to make several different creative items, such as candle holders, fish and stained glass windows.

The whole day was extremely interesting and the children really enjoyed their time in these two very special buildings. Check out the photos below for a snapshot of the day:

What a Wonderful World – Summer Term 2022

We are very excited in KS1 to be doing a brand new theme this term, called ‘What a Wonderful World’!

There will be lots of Geography learning this term where we will be learning all about continents, oceans, hot and cold places in the world, as well as comparing our local area to another location in the world. We are looking forward to doing some field work around our local area later in the term where we will be identifying physical and human features.

We will also be studying all about animals in our Science learning – finding out about the different animal groups, their habitats, as well as life cycles and food chains!

Our Art is based around ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ colours and we will be creating different pieces of Art, some in the style of well-known artists.

We will keep you updated on some of the extra exciting events and activities that will be happening in Year 2 as the term goes on so watch this space!!