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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

GWSR Evacuation Experience

Class 6 has a fantastic day at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway. The children were evacuated by train to the countryside where they learnt how to put out fires with a fire hose, what to do in an air raid, how to arrest a spy and what life was like for evacuees. They were really immersed in the activities and were able to really appreciate what it must have been like to live through the war on the home front. 

Have a look at our photos from the day.

Welcome Back New Class 6

Class 6 have come back after the summer holidays raring to go and very excited about our new theme Evacuate Evacuate. We have already begun learning about World War 2 and have been creating our learning environment. During this theme we will be finding out what it was like for children living during the war especially evacuation.

We will also learn about the Axis and Allied countries, key figures from the period and key events. We will be reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ as our class reader and will be basing our writing on the book.

We are also very much looking forward to our trip to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway on the 14th. Watch this space!!

Residential Part 2

What a week it has been. The children have had the most fantastic time on residential this week. Here are a few of their take away comments from the week

“I have come away feeling really brave with myself”

“I have learnt to be more daring and that if you have a harness, you are safe!”

“I have enjoyed no screens!”

“I have conquered being away from home and trying new foods”

“Bonding with friends”

“Overcoming my fear of heights”

“Overcome my fear of being away from home”

“Having fun”

“I managed to overcome my fear of falling on the climbing activities”

“Trying new food”

“I liked just being with friends and having fun with others”

“Not being on devices for a whole week!”

“Bonding with the staff”


Some more pics.

Y6 Residential Barton Hall 2023

Year 6 have been having an amazing time at PGL. We have been climbing, abseiling, paddleboarding, doing archery, the zip wire, fencing, orienteering, problem solving and so much more. Check out some of our pictures. More to follow….

Egg drop challenge

Class 6 have been learning about forces in science this term. This week we were investigating air resistance. The children had to design a parachute to try and land an egg from a height of 2 meters. The children really enjoyed making their parachutes and testing their designs. Some of the eggs survived and made it home for tea but others cracked rather dramatically. The children learnt the importance of air resistance and surface area to slow a falling object down. 

Roll up! Roll up!

Class 6 have begun their new theme Roll up Roll up by learning about the history of the circus. The classroom is looking bright and colourful and we have an exciting term of circus skills and science experiments about forces. We have also been thinking about our value of friendship by creating a friendship garden display. Watch this space for more of our learning. 

Ancient Greek Pottery

We have been studying Ancient Greek style pottery to learn about what life was like in Ancient Greece. We then had a go at re-creating our own pots in a similar style. We made simple thumb pots using clay and then painted the outside using orange and black paint to look like the black figure pottery of Ancient Greece.


Welcome to Ancient Greece! We have begun our new theme by looking at some Greek myths. We especially enjoyed learning about Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa. Check out our amazing Medusa masks on display.

We have also been reading Who let the Gods out? by Maz Evans. It is a really funny book based around the charater of Elliot who accidentally releases the Prisoner Thanatos from his prison beneath Stonehenge and allsorts of chaos begins….

Snow day Dec 2022

What a great surprise! We had great fun in the snow during the last week of term. It certainly made us feel Christmassy. Have a look at our fun in the snow.

Layers of the Rainforest Wall Hangings

Class 6 have been learning about the layers of the rainforest and created wall hangings to show this using collage materials. They really enjoyed making these and they look fantastic. They had to learn about each of the 4 layers (Forest floor, Understorey, Canopy and Emergent layer) label them carefully, and think about what animals and plants might be found in each layer.