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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

Autumn 2023 – All About Me

The theme this term is ‘All About Me’ and the children have enjoyed sharing what they know as well as thinking about what they would like to find out. Class One and Class Two had great fun learning a skeleton dance and joined in well with the actions. We are busy finding out about the different parts of the body in Science as well as learning how to make different marks in Art.

Copsegrove Woods

What a wonderful time we had when we went to Copsegrove woods. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was very excited. We walked, looked, listened, explored and worked in teams. Every moment of the day was filled with something exciting. We found out about the life cycle of plants, different trees, human and physical features as well as making crowns, dens and making and eating wraps. So many wonderful memories were made as well as lots of hands on learning. Have a look at the photos to see all of the different activities.

Coronation activities

Year One took part in lots of different coronation activities. They found out what happens on a coronation and had great fun making their own crowns. The children looked at work by the artist Andy Goldsworthy and used his ideas to help create their own crowns. The children collected lots of natural objects and arranged them in circles and spirals.  These crowns were very delicate, so the children also made crowns to wear to help them celebrate the coronation.


Summer 2023 – Island Life

Class One have been very busy learning about the United Kingdom. They have used globes and atlases to find out about the different countries and capital cities. In Science, the children have been exploring the school grounds to identify and name common wild and garden plants. They were great detectives and found lots of different plants. We are looking forward to finding out more about what plants need to grow and will be growing our own vegetables and flowers.

Spring 2023 – Once Upon a Time

This term we will be finding out about life in the past and will research how castles came to England. The children will learn about Motte and Bailey castles, how to attack and defend castles as well as investigating how and why castles changed. In Art and DT the children will be looking at patterns and symbols and will design and make their own shields. We will be learning some medieval dances and will listen and respond to music and songs from the past. It will be a very busy and exciting term!

Autumn 2022 – September update

What a busy few weeks in Year One! We are all enjoying working and learning together.

The children were very excited when we found a tyre in the courtyard and came up with lots of suggestions about where it might have come from. We are reading ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’ and the children wondered whether the tyre had fallen off the back of his car.  We have also been very busy scientists, exploring how to make things move by pushing and pulling. The children used a range of equipment on the playground and then had great fun using their bikes and scooters to work out how to make them move, slow down, speed up and stop. The children rode their bikes and scooters on the playground and round the roundabout.

Autumn 2022 – On the Move

Welcome back to the Autumn term and a new start in Year One.  The theme for the term is ‘On the Move’ and in Science the children will be finding out about how to make things move by pushing or pulling. As well as doing lots of investigating in Science, the children will be looking at different types of transport in History and will be learning about people in the past. In Art the children will be exploring how to make marks using different lines and dots and will explore primary and secondary colours.

We are all looking forward to working hard and having lots of fun.  

Cotswold Wildlife Park

We all had a fantastic time on our trip to  Cotswold Wildlife Park. Everyone was very excited as this was the first school trip for the children. They were all very enthusiastic and were keen to see all of the animals. The children remembered lots of information about the different animal groups and  learnt new and interesting facts. We had a talk during the day about ‘life cycles’ and the children answered questions about the animals and found out lots more facts. Have a look at some of our photos of the day.


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Platinum Jubilee

Everyone in Class One had a fantastic time during the Jubilee week in school. We listened to the story of  ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Antony and followed a draw-a-long session with him. We found out lots of interesting facts about the Queen and made our own information reports. One of our favourite activities was singing the song about the Queen. It had a great chorus and helped us learn all about her. Later on in the week we made our crowns and wore them for our picnic. We drew our designs for our plates and used the special pens to decorate them. It was a very busy and enjoyable week!

Summer Term 2022 – What a Wonderful World

Our theme this term is ‘What a Wonderful World’ and the children are very excited to be learning about where we live and comparing our local area to different places in the world. In Geography the children will also be using maps and atlases to identify and name the continents and oceans. They will find out about hot and cold places and learn to identify the North Pole, South Pole and Equator on a globe.

The children have shared their ideas about what is living and non-living and had a great time exploring the school grounds. In Science they will also be looking at different habitats and finding out about life cycles. They will learn about the basic needs of living things and learn to classify animals into different groups. We are all enjoying having Pickle (the tortoise) in our classroom this term and finding out about what he needs and how to look after him.

We are also enjoying taking part in Forest School this term. It is great to see the children exploring, solving problems and finding out about living and non-living things.

It is going to be a very busy term. Watch this space to see how we all get on exploring our wonderful world!