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Head: Mr. Andrew Ferguson

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new year and our theme, H20. This term we will be learning lots about how water shapes our planet and our lives. We will be looking at rivers and their features and how the water cycle works. We will learn about how water helped business and trade to grow in our local area through the building of the canals. We will think about how we use water in our everyday lives and how we can ensure we use it wisely.

We look forward to seeing the children back in the classroom and starting our learning.

Professor McGinty visit

On Tuesday 16th May, Year 3 and 4 were visited by Professor McGinty, the time travelling detective. He enthralled the children with tales of his visit to Viking England. The children learned about the villages they lived in, the clothes they wore and the food they ate. The whole class enjoyed the session and Professor McGinty was as entertaining as he was informative.

Invasion! Summer 2023.

I hope you all had a good Easter break and are now looking forward to a fantastic summer term. Our theme this term is “Invasion!” In this theme we cover the period of time from the Romans leaving the country in approximately 410ce up to the Norman invasion and Battle of Hastings in 1066. We will be learning about the groups of people who invaded during that time and how they helped to shape the country we live in now.

On the 16th May we look forward to welcoming time travelling historian, Professor McGinty, to Bussage School. He will be exciting and regaling the children of Classes 3 and 4 with tales of his time travelling experiences in Viking Britain, whilst sharing with them some of the artefacts he picked up along the way. The workshop each class will experience will provide a fountain of knowledge for the children about our new theme of learning as well as amuse them.

Stone Age Rocks!

Spring term sees Year 4 explore the world beneath us in Stone Age Rocks! We will be learning about what life was like in the Stone age and how life changed through the Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will learn about how archaeologists learn about the past through the artefacts they find in ancient sites. In Geography, we will learn about the structure of the earth. We will find out about plate tectonics, and how they affect the formation of mountains and volcanoes. Towards the end of term we plan on going to Bourton-on-the-water to experience a day in the life of Iron Age people. It will be a busy, but exciting, term!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new year and theme in Year 4  – Journey around the world. Throughout this Geography based theme we will be learning about the continents and countries of the world and some of their main physical and human characteristics, as well as comparing another country to our own. 

We will be reading “The boy who biked the world” in English (a fictional story based on the real life round the world cycle of the author Alastair Humphreys) and this will form the basis of lots of writing activities throughout the term.

Also this term we will be visiting Copsegrove farm for some outside learning – more details to follow – and completing lots of other exciting activities as we learn more about the world and our place in it. It promises to be another busy and exciting term!

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Welcome to the Summer Term Year 4 and a new theme, all about the Romans and how they changed our country 2000 years ago. We will be looking at a famous emperor of Rome and his achievements. We will look at how some of the native Britons fought back against the invading Romans. We will be visiting Gloucester museum and seeing some of the remains of the Roman city of Glevum. We are all looking forward to experiencing some history we can see and touch as we go through the term. 

Out of this world!

Welcome to our new theme of learning for Spring Term 2022! Out of the world! During this theme, we will be finding out all about space and Earth, as well as light and electricity. We will learn about different aspects of our place in the Solar System and the Universe in Science. We will be making our own moon buggies in a special workshop and then using our electrical skills to make them move. We will be listening to music that is linked to space. We will be creating art work using space themed work as inspiration. This promises to be a busy, but enjoyable and imaginative, term. Check in for more details throughout the coming weeks!

Autumn term – H20

Welcome back to Year four! 

Our theme this term is H2O, where the children will enhance their Geographical and scientific knowledge of rivers, both in this country and in the wider world, learning the names and locations of some of the world’s main rivers and the main features found in all rivers. We will learn about the water cycle and how water can be a solid, liquid and a gas. 

We are going to start our theme with a trip to the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester, we will use this to learn about the local waterways that helped to shape our area – look out for photos soon! 




This term, Class 4 are learning all about the groups of people who invaded and shaped our country from when the Romans left until the Battle of Hastings in 1066. That’s a lot of history! 

We start with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons and learn about their kingdoms and customs before moving on to the arrival of the Vikings. We will learn about where they came from, how they influenced our place-names and learn some of the words they gave us words that survive to this day.

We will have visit at the start of term from Professor McGinty – a time travelling scientist who will tell us lots about life in the Viking time. We also hope to go back to Copsegrove Farm in Bisley for a day of outdoor learning and activities. 

This theme covers a long and exciting period of time in the history of our country. We hope to give the children an understanding of why it’s an important time to learn about even today. 

What have the Romans done for us?

Welcome to a new term and a new decade! Year 4 have wasted no time getting into our new theme “What have the Romans done for us?” We have started the theme by looking at what Britain was like for the Celts before the Romans invaded. As part of their forest school education, Year 4 will be braving the elements throughout this term to add a number of experiences to their theme work. They have already started, starting to construct a replica Celtic round house in the nature area. Once that is complete, they will look at how Roman and Celtic shields differed in design and decoration.